Northland Bible Church
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Winning Alaska's Capital City for Christ

Our Covenant

Having been led by the Spirit of God to receive the Lord Jesus as our personal Saviors, and having been immersed in obedience to His Word, and having been brought together providentially with this group of believers, we solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with the members of this local representation of the Body of Christ. and promise by the aid of the Holy Spirit that:
We will seek to honor Jesus Christ through our efforts to advance his cause; by seeking the salvation of our relatives and acquaintances; by having family and personal devotions; and by training our children according to the Word of God.
We consider this local church an essential part of our life; to promote its spirituality, program and prosperity; to pray for, encourage and submit to the rightful authority of its leadership; to attend its meetings when not providentially hindered; to support its ministry financially as God enables and directs; to guard its public testimony; to strive heartily for the building up of this Body of Christ in faith, hope and love; to function within the Body according to the gift(s) given each one for its benefit; and in any way possible to further its goals of reaching the lost and discipling the believer.
We will seek to walk in Christian love by avoiding gossip, slander and anger; by praying for the members of this church and helping them in sickness or distress; by cultivating Christian empathy and courtesy; and by being sincere and without offense.
We will make every attempt to be honest and exemplary in our conduct; by dressing modestly and appropriately; and by abstaining from anything that would be a detriment to our testimony for Christ.
We further purpose to progressively put away the patterns of thought, word and deed of the "old life," putting in its place the patterns of the "Christ-life;" to do all things to the glory of God and in the name of the Lord Jesus; to exercise our Christian liberty in such a way as not to grieve, offend or cause my brother to stumble; and to recognize the Bible as the final authority in all relationships with one another.
This covenant we make gladly, in humble dependence upon the Spirit of God for the power to carry out its provisions.